Saturday, 29 June 2013

Oils Part 1: Coconut Oil!

I thought I would dedicate my first blog post to the famous, fantastic, all-encompassing Coconut Oil. 

Where do I even begin with this gem of a find? Let's just say, if I was stuck on an island by MYSELF and could bring only one thing, it would probably be Coconut Oil! OH YES, the claims, the articles, the reviews - they speak truth! 

Here's the top 3 things I use it for:

Moisturizer-I use it every night as a moisturizer for my whole body, even on my face. I tap my skin lightly until the oil absorbs into my skin (my friends think it's weird but I'm an unashamed skin tapper). I've been using it regularly for about 2 wee ks now (I'm really bad with committing to a routine, but I'm getting better!) and can already see the difference in the luminosity of my skin. I've even been breaking out less on my face and my skin just feels so supple. And since I LOVE the smell of coconuts, I love smelling this on my skin.
I put it in a soap dispenser so I can access it with ease!

Food- I've heard it's best to drink with tea, but to be honest, I find it really hard to swallow when I consume it like that. So I brainstormed all the ways I could get this stinkin' thing into my body! (Coconut oil aids the absorption of minerals and the ability to digest, controls blood sugar, and is known to prevent diseases).
And then I found the perfect solution, and also breakfast substitute. I use it instead of butter on multigrain toast and jam in the mornings and I've got to say...YUM! It's delicious. Butter, you better watch out because you have a new, very worthy contender that might make you obsolete in the next decade or so.
I've also used it to cook eggs with and bake cupcakes with (recipe to come later).

Hair- Ok, so this one is a love-hate relationship. I love how my hair feels AFTER I wash off the coconut oil in the morning. Meaning that I would need to put it on at night...But the fact that I am usually a morning-shower-type-of-person makes this hard because I don't want to go about my day with coconut-oily hair. So I usually put it on during the weekends during the day so I can have time to wash it off later. So take this one as you will. Maybe try a coconut oil hair mask like I do. Or maybe become a night showerer - I won't. I'm loyal to my mornings. But you can. Go wild. :)

Teca's tip: If you're going to be using it for food but also for skin/hair, make sure you store it in two separate places (containers, jars, dispensers) so that it won't get contaminated.

If this blog post wasn't long enough :), you can read more at: (featured on Jenna Marbles' blog)

That's it, folks! Hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Please feel free to comment or subscribe to read more about practical tips and tricks related to all things skincare, beauty, and who knows - perhaps even occasional random posts about elephants!


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